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  • Posted March 31, 2016

Torquay�s First Surf Experience Day

Mauli Ola Foundation hosted Torquay Beach’s first Surf Experience Day in Australia in conjunction with Geelong Cystic Fibrosis Support Group on Wednesday, March 23rd to help spread awareness as well as introduce natural saline therapy for children with CF. Eight of the World Surf League’s top surfers came out to share the experience and join the local children in the water.

“Mauli Ola Foundation is all about putting smiles on kids’ faces, giving back what we’ve been freely given from the ocean and riding waves,” WSL Athlete Nathan Hedge told WSL. “With their disease, there are so many rules and regulations and so many struggles, so it’s good to just take them for a surf and have an awesome day.”

Among the stoked groms, one first-time surfer caught some great waves with WSL Athlete Kolohe Andino in the three foot surf.

The families showed incredible support by cheering on the beach and taking pictures while their children caught fun waves with the pros.

“It’s just amazing that they do this for the kids and how exciting for them to surf with pro surfers,” parent Lean Tremul told WSL. “I think it’s really good way to get them enthusiastic about surfing and being at the beach and in the salt water.

MOF is so grateful for sharing this special day with families, Geelong Cystic Fibrosis Support Group volunteers, friends of MOF and all of the professional surfers who helped make this day an epic event!

To see how the day went, check out these two videos from Stab Magazine and WSL.

Big Mahalos to John John Florence, Sebastian Zietz, Keanu Asing, Kolohe Andino, Michel Bourez, Jeremy Flores, Adriano de Souza and Nathan Hedge for sharing the stoke with the local groms and MOF!

Jackie Connor

Blame it on the Beach Boys and my orange Morey boogie board that would send my seven year-old self spinning through Salt Creek’s whitewash. I didn’t know it yet, but some kind of bug bit me good—the type of bug that constantly keeps an extra body in the lineup. This bug isn’t so rare these days, but it’s been known to cause symptoms like extreme joy when near an ocean, daydreams about the ocean and the constant urge to ride waves—results may vary! For the past 12 years, I have been surfing the California coastline as well as a few other spots on the globe. These adventures and more can be found on my blog: confessionsofasurfergirl.com It is incredibly inspirational to see how MOF changes the lives of many individuals through surfing and other ocean activities. Stoked to be a part of the Ohana!


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