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  • Posted December 08, 2015

Tripler Army Medical Center and Kapi�Olani Medical Center Hospital Visits

On Tuesday, December 8th, patients at Tripler Army Medical Center and Kapi’Olani Medical Center received a warm visit from our athletes: Kala Alexander, MLB NY Mets player Danny Muno, Jason Magallenes, Gavin Beschen, Anthony Ruffo, Hans Hagen, and Teddy Navarro. In their visit, they had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Ong, a respected physician and supporter of MOF, who attends each Surf Experience Day to make sure there is no cross contamination between patients. A few members of the MOF family were also in the hospital battling a sickness; Sharsti Rodriguez, and her son Eric who is currently battling CF, as well as a little girl named McKenzie who is battling cancer.

Sadly, the kids don’t often smile, as they are essentially fighting for their lives. Their parents also struggle as they attempt to balance their busy lives and trying to help their children. Any help or positive energy they can receive is priceless to them, so the surfers do just about anything to put a smile on their faces. They typically have patients come to the play room on each floor or visit the rooms of patients to raise their spirits by telling stories and making them laugh. 

Teddy Navarro, a father of two, describes the amount of sympathy he has for the kids and their families as he reflects on the visits. He feels as though the nurses, staff, and physicians who dedicate their lives to helping these patients are the true heroes. After each visit, Teddy takes time to step back and appreciate his healthy family, while sending love and positive energy to each sick child and their quick recovery.

Caleb Remington

Hi! My name is Caleb Remington. I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of one. Life has been an exciting rollercoaster of ups and downs, but I choose to see every moment from a positive perspective. Throughout my life, I have given over 200 speeches across the country sharing what I have learned about coping with a genetic disorder and how much surfing has changed my life thanks to the platform Mauli Ola has given me. I love golfing, snowboarding, surfing, SUP, technology, modern medicine, family, friends, fat puppies, and nerding out on science and physics. I <3 Mauli Ola. Au Ryte!


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