• By Caleb Remington
  • Posted December 24, 2015

ESPN and UFC Follow Brian "T-City" Ortega On a Visit To CHLA

Brian “T-City” Ortega is a highly trained professional fighter in the UFC and has been involved with the Mauli Ola Foundation for 5+ years. He has always been very willing to help out in any way possible to spread awareness, his love of surfing, or lifting the spirits of kids at the hospitals. As his career excels with each victory in the UFC octagon, Brian is able to spread his love and passion to the world around him.

T-City had the opportunity to show ESPN and the UFC media tour what he loves to do when he’s not training or in the octagon. Ortega took the media team over to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) for a visit to show them one aspect of the work he’s been deeply involved in with the Mauli Ola Foundation. Brian showed up with bags for each kid full of stickers, an art hat, a t-shirt, art supplies, and a coloring book from True Connection, a non-profit inspiring global citizenship through art, meditation, and mindfullness education.

Brian recapped his CHLA visit on Instagram by posting, “The way I was raised, it doesn't matter that you're a fighter because in life that can be taken away real quickly. What matters is who you are as person and I'm happy that fighting has put me in a position to help kids out, to be able to shine some light in their darkest times. This is who I am, a person who likes to give and help others. This is the way my parents raised me, the way my coaches have guided me. I know I'm not perfect, but you don't have to be perfect to have a good heart. Thank you to Children's Hospital Los Angeles for letting me stop by and hang out with the kids. Thank you @mauliolafoundation and all members for letting me be a part of the family. And I'm grateful for my Krew: @team_bbs @renergracie @ufc @lorenzofertitta @danawhiteufc @kala_dacaptain @kellyslater @surfermags @sunnygarcia @mikesaffaie @ryrongracie @edblackhouse @silva_mtc @graciejiujitsuacademy @doeylama.”

Catching up with Brian after his visit to CHLA, he describes the kids he met in further detail, “Those kids are much better fighters than me. I train extremely hard for 3 months, get in the octagon for 15 minutes, and go back to my reality the next day. I have the strength to get up and do whatever I want after the fight is over. These kids are fighting every day just to live, just to take another breath. They are the real fighters. If I can shed some light, bring out some smiles, and inspire them to keep being the fighters they truly are, I will do just that any opportunity I get.”

Brian Ortega has a caring heart. One of the patients recognized Brian’s intentions and didn’t hesitate to reply on his Instagram post, “Thank you for visiting me and many more children at CHLA, it really makes a difference when we have inspiring people come and lift our spirits. You remind us of how beautiful the world is outside of the hospital, and for that all the patients and I thank you! Hope you all have a happy holiday! Hope we get a chance to meet again in the future. @briantcity @mauliolafoundation,” replied Angelica, a patient fighting every day to conquer cystic fibrosis. 

The Mauli Ola Foundation is so proud to call Brian “T-City” Ortega family.  Keep doing what you do, Brian.  Much love.

Brian is set to fight Diego Brandao at UFC 195 on January 2, 2016. Let’s go T-City!!

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James Dunlop
December 24, 2015 08:21

Excellent read. Brian is a great person and I agree with him that these kids are the true warriors. Well done. James

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